King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense MOD APK is the second. This is the sequel to the gamer King of Defense: Battle Frontier.
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December 12, 2021
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Game Info:

King of Defense 2: The Sequel to an Age-Old Favorite! This is the second installation in a series that has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Once again, you must defend your kingdom from Buy HQ tower with Generic Caped as its base. But this time around there are dozens more locations and hundreds more units waiting for gamers everywhere…made using stunning two-dimensional graphics (and if those aren’t enough then how about some cool 3D models?).


Choose between 15 different characters including warriors, farmers, apprentices, healers etc. Each having their own unique skillsets at disposal. Why you not try out our new Camp Defense and Auto-Defense skills? You’ll be able to stay safe from attacks in your own home with these nifty abilities.

Mod Feature:

The king of defense 2 is in early access mode, but users have already evaluated the application and left quite positive reviews about it.

Feather Image KING OF DEFENSE 2

The Great Heroes are ready to fight for you:

King of Defense 2 features an army with the leader being a man who leads everyone. Every modern user has heard about tower defense games before. This is because they’re known for their fusion between strategy and role-playing. At there, you level up your units in front of us. This is like some kind create battles between two opposite castles called towers.

The essence of this game is about having a hero in the army. You can upgrade him by improving his strength and endurance. As well as unlocking new characters to control your own personalized warriors. Unlike basic units, which die?, when they are defeated on-field?. If their HP reaches zero, you will also lose all progress made during that mission/level.

If this happens, luckily upgrades allow players not only more power for battles ahead (evidencing how difficult levels may get), but even makes death less devastating than before. There’s no need to spend any cash either since acquired money obtained through gameplay gathers automatically after each level falls into place making progression almost effortless.


The first thing you must decide when starting out in King of Defense 2 is which tower to build. You can choose between small weapons like swordsmen or cannons, with fire as an option if preferred; each having its own strengths that will help determine how your troops fight against enemy attackers.

As things get more difficult during sieges (and they always do), don’t forget about upgrades–the larger radius shooters have here so any shells flying towards them won’t go unnoticed while also providing greater accuracy than before…allowing only hits on target which means less wasted time waiting around for reactions from enemies rather. The more shooters you have, the better you perform. For example, two people can sit on a single rotating gun. It’s possible to increase this number up until five individuals are shooting at once – each with their own arrow that will set fire if hits an enemy!


The developers of King of Defense 2 did not skimp on the animation, effects, or number for this game. The location is an arena where your towers stand on one side and enemies attack from another direction in order to destroy them. It is just like any other match you might play online! You can choose between two different types. Heroes with various skills, who will fight by your side against all odds (for example “Blaze”) while others have abilities only usable. While they’re equipped such as invisibility spells that allow their user to escape difficult situations unscathed.

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At the top of deployment screen, you will find a number of coins that are earned during battles. These can be spent on your troops and heroes if desired – but it is crucial to note how much more time it takes for these items restore than other resources like health points or energy bars. In addition, each hero has their own special skill which they use quite rarely in battle; after its use, all players must wait before being able to attack again with any weapon equipped until then end game timer counts down from 10 seconds to 3 minutes 24 seconds (1 hour).

Mod Description:

Our team has created a mod that will allow you to download unlimited gems. This way, the cost of upgrading your army and purchasing new towers won’t be so overwhelming! You can also buy anything right away without having reached certain levels first; this is perfect if there are things like level requirements on purchase in-game Store Content or through leveling up with coins earned from battles (leveling UP!).

Follow these steps to install the King of Defense 2 Mod APK:-

  • First, download and open file from your computer; then tap “Download” button on top right corner (or whichever area you choose).
  • When prompted with “Will this phone,” just click accept without giving any other input if possible because it’s important not only select installation location but also ensure everything goes smoothly during process!
  • After clicking okay/next few times until complete message appears: Take out Phone & paste path where downloaded (.obb) Roots app(not needed after installing).
  • Now go back home screen – wait patiently while installer loads…


  • Is the new King of Defense 2 Mod Apk safe to download and play?

Of course, this is a 100% safe game to download and play on your smartphone.

  • How to play King of Defense 2 Mod Apk on PC?

You can play This Is on your PC with Blue Stacks, a valid Android Emulator.

  • How can we play King of Defense 2 Mod Apk?

“This game is not that hard to play. The controls of this car racing simulator are given on-screen, so you just need to press them according to the direction in which want your vehicle go.”

  • How to get unlimited money in King of Defense 2 Mod Apk?

You can’t really buy anything with the currency, it just sits there. But you might be able to make some purchases if they have an option that says “pay now” or something similar (with in being any number).


If you are a fan of the defense genre, then King of Defense 2 is sure to be an addictive pastime. You have multiple ways that will require collecting heroes and strengthening your towers for protection from enemy attacks.

What's new

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited feature
  • Get More Daimonds



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1. Tap the downloaded KING OF DEFENSE 2 MOD APK (UNLIMITED GEMS/UNLOCKED) 2024 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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