How To Install or Set OBB File

How to Install or set the OBB file.

To install the OBB files on your android, First, you need to download the following program:

How to install or set the OBB file: there we are going to show you how to do this, just follow the steps that we provide you. This method of not for only one game it’s working for all kinds of mod files and apps.

Sometimes a problem faced by many users download the file of mod apk and they want to play the mod game but the game not working correctly. To solve these kinds of problems we provide you with this method. these kinds of the game need OBB files and to work correctly.

download the obb file firstly after this, you need to install the software that we provide you in the upper link and after this follow the following steps.

To Download the OBB you need to follow these steps.

  1. Open ES File Explorer, if you have another wise download. go to the folder, where your browser has downloaded the files( OBB and Game) by default folder name is “Download”.

2. After you Download the file then install apk, to install click on game icon.

3. A window open and click in “install”.

4. After you will standard application installer, click “install”

5. Once you install the game plz don’t open just “done”.

6. After install the apk, Go back and to OBB file(Zip Archive of the game, hold down on the icon, and then click “More” and them “Extract To”.

7. In this option click the last item |choose path|, select the path(text below,/sdcard)

8. And then a window open click on the folder “Android”.

9. Next OBB.

10. And click ok.

Congratulation you crack the game, the program will extract, after the end, close the program and start playing the game.

thanks for your golden time.

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