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Dino Bash MOD APK game will take you back to the thousands of years ago,where there were a large lizard named Dinosaur existed. But the difference between that time Dinosaur ;Humans and in this game is totally different. In this game,the Humans are the enemies of dinosaur. They steal the eggs to eliminate their appetite and you have to protect the dinosaur's eggs by taking their side. Use can also use your mind skill.
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Dino Bash MOD APK is a very interesting arcade game that will take you many thousands of years ago, when the world was ruled by large and bloodthirsty dinosaurs, and there was no place for human-like people. And so, your story begins just at the moment when dinosaurs inhabited our planet and we’re not going to leave for good.

There was not much food, which means the tribes were starving, from that moment you start your amazing and at the same time dragging trip. Steal an egg in a prehistoric pangolin and try to run away with it to your cave, while the most important thing is to run there unharmed.

The story of Dino bash tells about a fantasy world where dinosaurs are attacked by cave dwellers. And the only way they can survive is to stand up and protect themselves. The game also takes you into Jurassic Park. But unlike Jurassic World Evolution or Jurassic World, the setting Dino-Bash is more prominent. But unlike Jurassic World, the game, and Jurassic Park Builder, the scene in the dino bash is much nicer.

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Besides, instead of creating new dinosaurs out of DNA, the game requires you to protect the eggs by touching and dragging the stone. Then acting as a bullet in the lower right corner of the screen towards the star enemy. Until you release your hand, a flying dinosaur from above steals the stone and drops it on the enemy’s head. If successful, you will receive a star reward, gold coins, and extra levels.

Feature/Key Points/Main Points:

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  • Unlimited money and gems:
    • The game already has unlimited gems and money from which you can buy all paid features very easily.
  • No Ads:
    • You will be able to use this game without loading of any advertisement.

Game Play:-

Come on, guys! You do not need to brainstorm, just live your best in the dinosaur world. After playing this game, your thoughts on dinosaurs are different. You won’t believe the Jurassic park series anymore. Download Dino-Bash MOD APK and play here, everyone. This game provides a lot of basic activities for a man. It allows you to cover the eggs and collect many other points when you search for different items and parts of the food. They will help you to survive as much well product-related them. Therefore, the man will come here to destroy the egg then you have a right side stone option in your device. You can push the stone and slide to left on the man’s body and leave it there. The bird will come with
a stone and drop on the man. The man has stopped for a few seconds then he was again running to the egg. You can again push the stone and dropping on the man, then a bird will come and drop a stone on the man. After a second time the man will become died and you can save the egg.

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How to install:

First of all, download the filled form tricks.com Then your phone open the download fill Start the game install, Following the different steps on the main screen.


How To Download?

  • Wait for a few mint download button will appear, then click the button game shell starts on the point. Now you can open it and playing.
  • Why is the download speed slow?
  • Speed depends on the server if your system specification is good downloading speed should be better.
  • What processor is best for it?
  • This game is done working on all android and all other systems.

Final Words:

DINO BASH MOD AP is a game featuring fun gameplay of dinosaurs. The game brings you a unique gaming experience. You will think of ways to protect the offspring of dinosaurs from cave dwellers’ hands. There are many dinosaur types to choose from with more gameplay content. Dinosaurs and their eggs are being attacked by hungry dwellers. There is only you can save them in the action-packed dinosaur defense game. Join the Dino-Bash with Jurassic tug-of-war battle against primitive humans defending your dinosaur egg, a dinosaur from their ruthless appetite. Players will build a ground defense, deploy aerial attacks and summon dinosaurs to avoid extinction.



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How to install Dino Bash MOD Apk (Unlimited Coins+ money) v1.6.1 for Android : APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dino Bash MOD Apk (Unlimited Coins+ money) v1.6.1 for Android : APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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